2009 Contest Mini-Critique Winners

Mini-Critique Winners

Thank you so much for such a positive crit! I can see exactly what you’re saying and ways to fix this chapter are already simmering in my head. You’re a gem to give your time to all of us nearly-theres. I’m off to pound my keyboard again.” ~Alice, Week 6 Winner

I loved the feedback on my entry! Thank you!” ~Nancy C.

I thought this contest was a really encouraging experience. The mini-critiques and the finalists all received comments that came from a helpful, positive place. It was nice to see such support from other writers who understand what you’re doing.” ~Entrant

Week 1 Winner: Pearls of Wisdom
Author: Nancy N.
Category: Mainstream with Romantic Elements
Week 2 Winner: Black Hills
Author: Sarah M.
Category: Short Contemporary
Week 3 Winner: Untitled
Author: Carol G.
Category: Unknown
Week 4 Winner: Marked by Love
Author: Malia P.
Category: Erotic Romance
Week 5 Winner: Untitled
Author: Julia T.
Category: Contemporary Romance
Week 6 Winner: Hot Blood
Author: Alice L.
Category: Paranormal Romance
Week 7 Winner: A Dentist Is a Smile’s Best Friend
Author: Stephanie S.
Category: Chick Lit
Week 8 Winner: A Simple Game of Chicken
Author: Sandra S.
Category: Historical

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