2009 Contest

The 2009 Chase the Dream Contest was another great success! Five of the eight finalists received a manuscript request from at least one editor or agent and several have gone on to make sales. Here’s what a few of the winners and finalists had to say about how the contest benefited them:

“I placed 3rd in your 2009 contest with my intro to my novella BUILDING MAGIC.  I had several requests from the judges.  I decided to follow up the requests with meetings in person with Raelene from EC, Theresa from Red Sage and Laura Bradford at the RT conference in April. It was wonderful … I have since sold BUILDING MAGIC to Red Sage, which will be out in 2010, and I sold her a full length novel, DARK HARMONY– a vampire story eventually to be the first of a trilogy — which is coming out January 1, 2010! My meeting with Laura also went well, and I am in the process of cleaning up a set of longer projects for her to look at and see if she would be interested in representing them.” ~Lilly Cain3rd Place Winner

I had just changed the opening to the book right before entering it in Chase the Dream and was thrilled that it got such a positive response. That was the opening (with more polish, of course) that finally hooked my agent and eventually sold the book. Thanks for running this contest. It really is a great opportunity and learning experience as well as a way for authors to connect with each other online …I actually had several people come up to me during RWA National conference to let me know that they had read the opening to BUTTERFLY SWORDS on the Chase the Dream blog and remembered it! ” ~Jeannie Lin, Week 4 Finalist

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