2007 Contest Mini-Critique Winners

Mini-Critique Winners

I found the mini-critique extremely helpful. It contained a couple of  ‘OMG, I’m an idiot’ revelations. When I submitted that manuscript to Freya’s Bower, they asked for more in 5 minutes!…Winning a mini-critique was wonderful, but seeing what others were doing – and doing wrong – was also very helpful.” ~Christine M, a.k.a. Charlotte “Belle” McClain, Week 4 Winner

Submitting the first 1000 words of my manuscript was an exercise in brutally editing my existing opening chapter — of slashing the non-essential words or paragraphs that did not necessarily enhance the elements of writing. The result was tighter narrative and punchier dialogue, which Leigh Michaels qualified in her critique. She rightfully pointed out that I’d raised tension but then let it dissipate right away: invaluable advice and positive criticism which I’ve since addressed.” ~Vanda V, Week 9 Winner

I found the short critique very helpful and used just about every suggestion. Leigh seemed to highlight exactly what was wrong with the excerpt…I sent off a requested, much improved partial just today.” ~Petrina A, Week 7 Winner

Week 1 Winner: Matrimony Mayhem
Author: Donna D.
Category: Contemporary Romance
Week 2 Winner: Winter Beach
Author: Morgan L.
Category: Contemporary Single Title
Week 3 Winner: Second Chances
Author: MP Lindsay
Category: Contemporary Romance
Week 4 Winner: The Rock Star’s Respite
Author: Christine M.
Category: Spicy Contemporary
Week 5 Winner: Paris or Bust
Author: Lynn S.
Category: Unknown
Week 6 Winner: Dangerous Desires
Author: Carol B.
Category: Historical Western, Single Title
Week 7 Winner: Spy Grandma
Author: Petrina A.
Category: Romantic Thriller
Week 8 Winner: Virgin Territory
Author: Ahirah T.
Category: Interractial/Futuristic
Week 9 Winner: Falling
Author: Vanda V.
Category: Sexy Romance
Week 10 Winner: Gallery of Lies
Author: Sara H.
Category: Romantic Suspense

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