2007 Contest

The 2007 Chase the Dream Contest was a great success! 95% of the finalists received a manuscript request from at least one editor or agent and several have gone on to make sales. Here’s what a few of the winners and finalists had to say about how the contest benefited them:

“One of the judges requested a look at the full manuscript of my entry, THE WOODSMAN and then offered me a contract on New Year’s Day 2008!  Ellora’s Cave released THE WOODSMAN in May 2008! As a nice cherry on top of all of that, THE WOODSMAN has been nominated for a N.O.R. (Night Owl Romance Reader’s Choice Award) for Best Paranormal Erotic Romance – Fall 2008!! So this dream’s been thoroughly caught! I’m now working on my next five romance manuscripts!”  ~Belle ScarlettWeek 2 Finalist

I found the mini-critique extremely helpful. It contained a couple of  ‘OMG, I’m an idiot’ revelations. When I submitted that manuscript to Freya’s Bower, they asked for more in 5 minutes!” ~Christine M, a.k.a. Charlotte “Belle” McClain, Week 4 Mini-Critique Winner

Chase the Dream is terrific!  If you’re writing romance, you should probably enter this contest.  I finaled in 2007 and received several requests from agents and editors. Good luck–I hope to see you on the finalists’ page!” ~Greta MacEachern, Week 4 Finalist

How can you beat a free contest and one that allows you to improve your odds by submitting multiple times.” ~Koko BrownBonus Finalist

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Click here to view the 2007 Chase the Dream contest mini-critique winners


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