Seeing Eye Mate by Annamarie McKenna

“8 ball, right corner pocket.”

Caelan Graham tipped his beer bottle to his lips and took a long drag. He rolled his head on his shoulders and tried to alleviate some of the tension strumming through his body. He needed a good fast fuck and a run through the woods, but since neither was going to happen tonight, he’d settle for winning another round of pool.

He set the bottle on the edge of the table and lined up his shot. The cue ball careened into the eight ball with a satisfying clack, knocking it into the pocket he’d just called.

“I win.” This being the third time in a row, his emotion was all drained out. Maybe tomorrow night he’d go for the run, he mused. The woods surrounding his home, about an hour outside of St. Louis, had been calling to him for days now. They were areas that were vast enough to keep his kind from being found out by humans, and give them a place to feel safe. A feat that was admittedly getting harder and harder to do as urban sprawl encroached.

“God damn it!”

Eli, his younger brother by two minutes, slapped a dollar bill in Caelan’s upturned hand. He chuckled, shaking off his morose feelings for the moment, and scooped up his beer before heading to one of the few empty tables in the packed Friday night bar.

“How’d it go last night?” Eli pulled out a chair, swung it around and straddled it, placing his arms along the top of the backrest.

So much for the happy moment. “Clan talks?” Caelan cocked his head when his brother nodded. “The elders are asking for a united front of all clans against the rogues. They took another one.” And hadn’t left much of her body to identify.

As Prime, it was Caelan’s duty to protect every member of his own pack.

Eli smacked his hand on the table making it wobble precariously. “She’s the fucking eleventh one so far!” The beers skittered across the top, nearly taking a fatal nose dive off the edge.

Caelan grabbed both sides of the small table before it collapsed and made him lose his one drink for the night. He and Eli owned a security company, and though he wasn’t working right now, he still had a long drive home.

“Shut up, bro. You want the whole damn place to hear you?” Caelan growled.

“They’re killing our fucking mates, Cael,” Eli hissed.

Caelan knew Eli was referring to all mates in any clan. Neither he nor his brother were mated yet. Yet being the operative word. The elders in his pack were pushing hard for him to find his mate and ensure the next pack leader.

“I know what they’re doing, E.” Every pack for three states knew what was happening. They just didn’t know for sure who they were. They only knew that a renegade group of wolves was seeking out and killing alpha and prime mates.

Which made a really nice enticement for Caelan to stay away from women right now. His brain knew that anyway, his cock was ready to take matters into its own hands. The growing need for him to fuck a woman was making Caelan growl and snap at everyone that came across him.

Thus the fight last night outside the clan meeting.

“Ooowee. Now that is one fine looking specimen.”

God, but the man could change a subject quick. It was like they hadn’t just been discussing a deadly serious issue at all.

Eli’s hand came down on the table again. Caelan snatched his beer off and balanced it on his knee while his fool brother stared and slobbered at something over his shoulder. Cael didn’t even bother to turn around.

“Brother, I think you’re going to have to find someone else tomorrow morning. I’m gonna be busy with that little filly over there.

Caelan snorted. Born identical, neither one of them had ever had trouble attracting the opposite sex. As Prime, Cael had unmated females vying for his attention all the time. Eli did too, as he was next in line for Prime should anything happen to Caelan.

“She’s in heat! Hot damn is she gonna be sweet.” Eli rubbed his hands together like a kid at Christmas.

Cael had to admit, a female in heat was nearly irresistible, wolf or human. He sniffed the air. The pheromones of Eli’s wet dream wafted across his nose and Caelan froze. The hair on the back of his neck stood and every muscle in his body tightened painfully. Including his cock, which stood at attention like every good little soldier ought to, demanding to be buried as deep as it could get in the woman’s pussy.

“Fuck,” he said succinctly. He dropped his chin to his chest, closed his eyes, and counted to ten. Then he begged whatever god was listening to make this situation a dream.

He didn’t need to open his eyes to know that it wasn’t.

“Mmm-mmm. It’s gonna be a long night…”

Caelan couldn’t contain the canines that lengthened and sharpened inside his mouth. A low growl emanated from his throat as he listened to his brother continue to talk about the woman Cael had yet to look at. He instinctively knew they were one and the same.

Eli stood, ready to swoop on his prey, a stupid grin splitting his face. Caelan reached out and grabbed his twin’s arm.


Eli tried to shake him loose, his smile slipping. “What the hell, bro?”

“She’s mine.” His voice rumbled out of his chest and he grimaced. He looked up at Eli, begging with his eyes, for his brother to understand.

He did.

“Damn it.” Eli slung himself back into his chair, pouting and jostling the table again. “Ain’t this just the flippin’ perfect, fuckin’ time!”

Caelan had to disagree with him. This was the worst time to finally find his mate.


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