2006 Mini-Critique Winners

The finalists weren’t the only ones who won during the 2006 Chase the Dream contest. The mini-critique winners – and those who stopped by the site to read their entries – also learned from Leigh’s invaluable insight. Here’s what a few of last years entrants had to say about the mini-critiques:

It’s a wonderful opportunity to get feedback on your writing and, also, to read the work of your peers online.” ~Marilyn Weigel, writing as Marilyn Brant, 2nd Place Winner

Not only is it great exposure, but the critiques from Leigh were invaluable..” ~Lisa MacDonald, writing as KyAnn Waters, 3rd Place Winner

It feels great to final, but even if I hadn’t, I felt like a winner because I learned so much from Leigh’s critiques of other entries.” ~Anna Taylor Sweringen, Week 3 Finalist

 2006 Chase the Dream Contest Mini-Critique Winners

Week 2 Winner: Untitled
Author: Brenda P.
Category: Comtemporary Romance
Week 3 Winner: Untitled
Author: Michelle R.
Category: Comtemporary Romance
Week 4 Winner: Untitled
Author: Ingrid T.
Category: Unknown
Week 5 Winner: Jagged Edge
Author: Kristin R.
Category: Romantic Suspense
Week 6 Winner: Untitled
Author: Megan M.
Category: Erotic Romance
Week 7 Winner: Desperately Seeking Anyone!
Author: Samantha H.
Category: Chick Lit
Week 8 Winner: Looking For Love
Author: Amanda B.
Category: Chick Lit
Week 9 Winner: Missing
Author: Mary G.
Category: Mainstream with Romantic Elements
Week 10 Winner: Untitled
Author: Donna K.
Category: Single Title Contemporary Romance

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