Mini-Critique Winners

The Chase the Dream contest is not only about competition and winning, it’s about learning. Since contest entrants often ask how close they came to winning and what the deciding factors were, we decided to add mini-critiques to the contest.

Each week, Leigh will choose one entry to win a mini-critique – which is a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the opening scene. She’ll point out what makes this particular opening inviting, what works, what strong points the author can build on – and she’ll also look at what didn’t work so well and what could be improved.

The author of the mini-critique entry isn’t the only winner, here. Since it’s hard to judge our own work, it’s sometimes easier to see the good points and the flaws in someone else’s writing. By reading the entry and the comments, you may realize your own strengths and weaknesses and be able to apply the lessons to your own writing in the future.

Stop by every Wednesday to read a new mini-critique, and add your comments if you like. And please take a moment to give us feedback on the contest.

Week 1 Mini-Critique

Week 2 Mini-Critique

Week 3 Mini-Critique

Week 4 Mini-Critique

Week 5 Mini-Critique

Week 6 Mini-Critique

Week 7 Mini-Critique

Week 8 Mini-Critique


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