Each week, Rachelle will choose a finalist from among the week’s entries and post the entry here.

Finalists are posted on Wednesday. Please stop by, check out the winners, and participate in a discussion, sharing your thoughts about the winning entry.

At the end of the contest, readers will vote for their favorites, determining the top three prize winners from the group of finalists. Please see the Rules page for more details.

For insight on how Rachelle picks finalists, please visit:

NEW for 2010 – Visit our Panel of Experts page to watch videos of  our agents/editors stating what they they look for in submissions!

Week 1 Finalist

Week 2 Finalist – Second Place Winner

Week 3 Finalist

Week 4 Finalist – Second Place Winner

Week 5 Finalist

Week 6 Finalist – First Place Winner

Week 7 Finalist – Third Place Winner

Week 8 Finalist

Now that you’ve reviewed all the finalists, vote for your favorite by March 10, 2010.  And don’t forget to complete our short survey to let us know how we can make next year’s contest even better!


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