Only One More Week to Enter

24 02 2010

We truly cannot believe that there’s only one more week to go! So, if you’ve been lurking and haven’t yet sent anything in, this is your last chance for 2010. And if you’ve been sending an entry in, give it one last shot. Send your entry in today!

I want to apologize for my tardiness. First off, for not getting last week’s finalist and mini-critique winner up until Wednesday evening. A night of little sleep (due to some sort of stomach bug) the night before put me a bit behind. And secondly, I owe two of you a mini-critique comment (I’m blaming that delay on my long hours at the day job) – not that you are anxiously awaiting my feedback or anything, but I do like to participate by leaving a comment. I will catch up on that by the weekend.

The good news is I’m on time this week – in fact, I’m several hours early! So, here are this week’s winners…

Week 7 Finalist

Week 7 Mini-Critique



A Variety of Entries

10 02 2010

The entries this week ran the gamut from paranormal to romantic suspense, from chick lit to a handful of erotic, and from contemporary to historical to futuristic.

Every romance reader has a favorite (and a not-so-favorite) genre, and one of the great things about the contest is that it exposes us all to types of books that we might otherwise not see. I’m fascinated by how many of you have made comments along the lines of “I don’t generally read paranormal” or “I don’t generally like first-person narrative” but the contest entry made you look at this type of story in a different way.

We’re pleased to be part of the widening stream of romance. Though the finalists are not chosen based on any kind of quota system, so far we happen to have had a wide range of genres end up in the winner’s circle… Which of course brings us to this week’s winners:

Week 5 Finalist

Week 5 Mini-Critique

Decisions, Decisions…

20 01 2010

In the second week of the contest, we’ve once more been flooded with great entries. It’s enormous fun to read the openings of your stories, and I know it’s very difficult for Rachelle to choose just one finalist each week.

It’s also a challenge for me to choose an entry each week for a mini-critique – because I’m looking for an entry which can be an example of a common difficulty, something that many writers struggle with. It’s often easier to see and understand a problem area when we see an example in someone else’s work, rather than our own – so the hope with the mini-critique each week is that it will help all participants to check that this difficulty doesn’t show up in their own work.

We’ve just added Brenda Chin, Harlequin Blaze Senior Editor, to our great panel of agents and editors who will be reading and commenting on all the finalists’ work – and there are more to come! Check them out on the agents/editors page.

So to end the suspense – here are this week’s winners!

Week 2 Finalist

Week 2 Mini-Critique Winner