Only One More Week to Enter

24 02 2010

We truly cannot believe that there’s only one more week to go! So, if you’ve been lurking and haven’t yet sent anything in, this is your last chance for 2010. And if you’ve been sending an entry in, give it one last shot. Send your entry in today!

I want to apologize for my tardiness. First off, for not getting last week’s finalist and mini-critique winner up until Wednesday evening. A night of little sleep (due to some sort of stomach bug) the night before put me a bit behind. And secondly, I owe two of you a mini-critique comment (I’m blaming that delay on my long hours at the day job) – not that you are anxiously awaiting my feedback or anything, but I do like to participate by leaving a comment. I will catch up on that by the weekend.

The good news is I’m on time this week – in fact, I’m several hours early! So, here are this week’s winners…

Week 7 Finalist

Week 7 Mini-Critique





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