Week 1 Finalist and Mini-Critique Posted

13 01 2010

Goodness, every year my job gets harder and harder – that is, to pick only ONE finalist. Despite the agonizing and indecisiveness you all caused me, thank you for making the entries such a joy to read!

I think Leigh picked another great mini-critique this week, for I saw this problem in quite a few of the not-quite-finalist entries. So make sure you check out the mini-critique and learn from it, even if it’s not yours. And don’t forget to read past contest finalists, mini-critique winners, my article on common problems I’ve seen (and continue to see) in entries, as well as our agents/editors stating what makes them request to see more.

So, without further delay, here’s this week’s winners…

Week 1 Finalist

Week 1 Mini-Critique Winner

Congratulations to this week’s picks and keep those great entries coming!





2 responses

19 01 2010

Hi I haven’t found this in your question & answer page. Now does there have to be a completed manuscript, or just the first 1000 words? If a complete is going to be needed, how soon would it need to be completed…you know just in case.



19 01 2010
Rachelle Chase

Hi Rhyanna,

Just the 1,000 words is needed for the contest. Of course, if you final and get a request from an agent/editor, they’re most likely going to want to see a few chapters or the completed manuscript.

Thanks for your interest. Hope to see your entry!


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