The End of the 2009 Contest

24 03 2009

Well, the “official” end of the 2009 contest has arrived. The votes have been tallied and the three lucky winners have been notified:

1st Place Winner – Gail Zerrade (Week 1 Finalist)

2nd Place Winner – Edie Ramer (Week 7 Finalist)

3rd Place Winner – Lilly Cain (Week 8 Finalist)

Congratulations, Gail, Edie, and Lilly!

Leigh and I wish to thank all of you who entered and all of you who stopped by to read the entries and/or comment. And we’d like to give a special thanks to the editors and agents who made the time to participate in the contest.

Additionally, Leigh and I offer individual contests throughout the year, so don’t forget to visit our web sites and sign up for our newsletters, so that you’ll be alerted to all future contests, as well as the 2010 “Chase the Dream” contest. And also, don’t forget: Leigh is offering everyone who entered a critiquing discount at A Word’s Worth! We can be found at:

And speaking of next year’s contest, Deb Werksman from Sourcebooks has agreed to participate (it really wasn’t fair of me to try to drag her into this year’s at the last minute). So check back in 2010 for the complete list of participating editors and agents.

Want to help us make 2010’s contest even better? Please click here to give us your feedback.

Here’s wishing everyone tons of writing success!




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24 03 2009

Congratulations, Gail and Lily! I loved both of your entries.

Rachelle and Leigh, thank you again! This was a fabulous contest. And thanks to the agents and editors for their insightful comments.

24 03 2009

Congrats! Wonderful entries ladies!

Thanks again to Rachelle and Leigh, as well as to all the participating agents and editors for their very helpful feedback.

Jeannie Lin

24 03 2009
Lilly Cain

Thank you again, Rachelle and Leigh – this was wonderful! I also want to thankeveryone who read my entry and left such thoughtful comments, especially the editors and agents.

Congratulations to Edie and Gail!

24 03 2009

A big thank you to Rachelle and Leigh for organizing the contest. I know it must be an enormous task, but you did it well. This was the best contest ever.

Thanks to all the editors and agents who took time to comment. I learned so much from all of you.

And thanks to everybody who took the time to read, vote and comment. You’re all priceless!

24 03 2009
Taryn Taylor

Congratulations to Gail, Edie, and Lilly! Well done, ladies. Well done.

Kudos as well to all my fellow finalists. You do good work, and it’s been an honour to be in your collective company.

To the editors and agents, we thank you for your expertise and suggestions and praise and time. You’ve made this an experience to remember.

And to Rachelle and Leigh – thanks for filling the last 11 weeks with romance and suspense. I’m sure it’s a lot of hard work, but you pulled it off with aplomb. This contest has been fun AND a learning experience, so as far as I’m concerned, win-win.


25 03 2009
Carly Carson

Congratulations to all the finalists, and especially Gail, Edie and Lilly.

This was a fun contest and I learned a lot from reading the feedback from everyone on all the finalists’ entries.

I also discovered many fun openings to stories I hope to see in print one day soon.

Thank you Leigh and Rachelle for your hard work in providing this great opportunity.


26 03 2009

Congratualtions, all!

28 03 2009
Rachelle Chase

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words regarding the contest. It makes Leigh and I happy to know you enjoyed it.

And, Gail, I’m honored to hear you thought it was the “best contest ever.” Wow. Thanks!

To everyone: Here’s hoping that 2009 — and beyond — is filled with writing success!

6 01 2010

In the Rules it states that one entry per week is allowed. When do your weeks finish and end.

Thank you,


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