Week 5 Winners and Other Thoughts

11 02 2009

Each year that Leigh and I sponsor this contest, I’m always amazed by the quality of the entries. And this year is no exception! As Leigh has pointed out previously, it’s always a struggle to choose just one winner. But, that’s truly a great problem to have – for it would be, uh, disconcerting if I had to struggle to find a winner. So, thanks for all the wonderful submissions and lots of success to all you talented writers! Keep those awesome entries coming.

In addition to the quality of the writing, it’s interesting to see the trends in the subgenres submitted each year. One year (our first, I think), we received a lot of paranormal. The next year, we received quite a bit of chick lit and romantic suspense. This year, things seem to be pretty balanced – though with more historicals than we’ve received in the past, and very few erotic romance entries.

Which makes me wonder … does our sampling of contest entry subgenres tie into any bigger trends? Or, is this simply an interesting observation? I have no idea, but I find the subgenre differences intriguing.

But, enough of that. I’m sure you’d rather hear about his week’s winners …. 🙂

Week 5 Finalist
Week 5 Mini-Critique Winner





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