Week 3 Winners Posted

28 01 2009

As I was reading this week’s entries, I noticed a trend: Several entries were submitted with a brief introductory paragraph from the author, explaining the submission – i.e., what the story was about, what was happening in the scene, etc.

Now, I realize that the explanation could have been given out of nervousness on the author’s part — (s)he wanted to make sure we would “get” it. But, it also could have been given because what was happening in the story really wasn’t clear.

So, if you find yourself tempted to explain your scene, I’d like to challenge you to ask yourself why. If the reader cannot “get” your scene without an explanation, then you need to go back and weave in the necessary details so that the explanation is not necessary.  Because the scene should stand alone. Don’t make the reader have to work to try to figure out what’s happening. And don’t give an agent/editor an excuse to put your manuscript down and move on to the next.

But, enough about that. On to what you really want to know:

Week 3 Mini-Critique Winner
Week 3 Finalist





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