The Week 2 Winners Are Here!

21 01 2009

Rachelle and I are pleased to share the Week 2 winning entries.

Week 2 Finalist

Week 2 Mini-Critique Winner

Please stop by and read the winning entries, and be sure to share your comments with the authors and with us.

Chase the Dream isn’t just about winners, though. It’s about making our writing better. Aspiring writers want to know whether they’re going in the right direction. What are they doing well, so they can build on it? What might they need to look at again, in order to make their stories more attractive to agents, editors, and readers?

Of course our weekly finalists get a lot of nice feedback – but what about everyone else? That’s why my main job is to select the mini-critique winners each week and give feedback.

In the classes I teach at Gotham Writers Workshop, and in my critiquing and evaluation business, A Word’s Worth, I read a lot of manuscripts – and I see the same sorts of difficulties cropping up over and over. When I read the contest submissions each week, I look for good entries which somehow fall short – entries that reflect the most common reasons why editors and agents turn down books.

Even though we can’t give feedback to each and every entry, Rachelle and I hope that the mini-critiques will help you to check out your own work and make it even stronger.

Happy writing!




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